Reminder about the ECC Schedule

Please make sure your child arrives by 8:45 every day so that we can begin promptly at 9:00.  It is very important for your child to start the day with his/her new classmates and teachers.

ECC students are dismissed 15 minutes earlier than the rest of the students, at 15:45.  Please arrive promptly as children begin to feel anxious if their parents are late.  

  • In the morning, all ECC students will line up in a designated area on the ECC playground and wait for their teachers to walk them in the classroom.
  • PK3 parents are allowed in the classroom until 9:10 for the month of September.
  • ECC will begin tracking late arrivals as of October.
  • All ECC is dismissed at 15:45 and students will be walked out of the building to meet their parents who will be waiting outside on the ECC Playground. The ECC playground closes at 16:00.

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