TUMI 2016: ASB & Michigan State to Collaborate on a Medical Mission to Peru

The American School of Barcelona (ASB) is proud to begin a new partnership with Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSUCOM) to collaborate on a medical mission to Peru. The mission is called ASB TUMI 2016.

Every year, a group of medical students from MSU travels to Iquitos and the Amazon Basin in Peru for two weeks. There, they set up a free health care clinic to provide basic health care and health education. Many of those that the group treat have very little access to medical care, especially on a regular basis. Thus far, the mission has had great success, as evidenced by the 10,000 patients that have been treated over the years that the mission has beScreen Shot 2015-11-09 at 19.57.07en in action.


The mission has had support from many organizations and charitable organizations in the US, but it is hoped that by bringing ASB into the fold, the mission will encounter even greater success. What a number of the medical students who have already participated in this initiative have commented is that many problems that they treat could be prevented through public health measures (health education). However, the medical students, who usually have to use a translator throughout their stay, have not developed public health campaigns because of language limitations. ASB’s multilinguality is an asset which can be employed to make a difference.

ASB’s participation in the mission is divided into two phases:
Phase One, which students from ASB will begin shortly, is in essence preparation for a public health and health education campaign to take place in Peru. The efforts will be spearheaded by the school’s Interact Club, but will involve participation from all members of the student body. ASB will be providing informational materials that can be taken to Peru and be used to educate the public as they wait to be seen by a doctor. Students will create posters, videos, brochures, seminars, and even interactive sessions with the goal of showing steps that can be taken to help prevent many simple health problems. ASB would also organize fundraising events for the mission. There are also talks between the Rotary Club Barcelona 92 (the Interact Club’s sponsor) and the MSU mission of donating a dialysis machine to the initiative. ASB students would then be directly involved in researching and creating materials that will have an impact on the lives of the communities being served by the medical mission. ASB students will get to collaborate closely with many of the doctors who organise the mission. If you are interested in helping please contact elamericano@asbarcelona.com or Mr. Christian at corlic@asbarcelona.com 

Depending on the success of this collaboration, ASB students may join doctors and doctors in training. ASB students will not only help with translation and the running of the clinic, but also use the materials prepared in Phase One to help educate the public. 

Ultimately, the goal is for ASB students to find innovative, sustainable ways to help. This project has the potential to grow and incorporate many other groups to provide a maximum amount of aid to those who need it. ASB looks forward to beginning the project and hopes that this can turn into a long term partnership.

This mission is a fantastic opportunity to do service learning and deploy the prowess of your skills to make a difference. The mission can also serve as community service and CAS hours/project.

You can find more information about Michigan State’s Mission to Peru:

Wedsite –  http://medicalmissionperu.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peru-Medical-Mission/127351034043980?ref_type=bookmark

Twitter – https://twitter.com/medmissionperu

Instagram – http://instagram.com/medmissionperu

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