Slicing Through Trouble: the Swords of Perserverance Awards

During the month of October Middle School teachers observed their students for perseverance. During the November assembly paper swords were given to students who demonstrate this important value.  These awards are like the Banana Awards.


El Americano would like to congratulate: Guillermo De Ros, Carlos Nos, Brayden Spencer, Spencer Arpajian, Ji Ho Kang, Anastassiya Marchenko, Daniela Ramón, Jovan Llijev, Lucas Silveira, Marc Fuster, Luca Taverner, Leight Nagle, Luka Husar, Henry Sicsu, Nico Mosquera, Noa Hind, Hyun Jun Kim, Marina V, Adrian Crespo, Luc Lacombe, Marina Volchok, Katerina Contreras, Darin Boubekeur, Laurens Boevé, Joan Miquel, SLL1 class (Mr. Perez).

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