Such Great Heights: ASB Students Shine on I.B. & Selectividad

Congratulations to the class of 2015 on their achievement on I.B. and Selectividad. The schools average was a 35 (five points above the international average) thus placing the school on the top 20% of IB schools worldwide.

The class of 2015 was the largest group to have ever participated in IB at ASB. They were also the class to achieve the highest average in the school’s history. Every single IB candidate passed their tests and recieved their diploma. El Americano would like to congratulate the class of 2015 on their amazing work.

El Americano contacted Emilio Papastergiou, who is currently studying Economics at Queen’s College in Cambridge. He is enjoying the course work and thinks he is doing well. Papastergiou commented on how well prepared he felt after completing the IB.

“The IB prepared me very well because I had to develop a work ethos by managing time effectively, planning the work according to deadlines, and following the classes all times, while  making sure not to fall behind at any time.The IB HL Economics and Math classes and especially the option on Statistics and Probabilty have been particularly relevant and useful.”

He said that he has many fond memories of his time at ASB. Papastergiou expressed his gratitude to the school’s IB director “IB Coordinator who managed the bureaucratic aspects so well and in such reassuring way”.

El Americano spoke to Papastergiou about his IB experience. He said it was “two years of hard work, dedication, and effective time management, EE practically finished in the summer of Grade 11”.  IB is an intensive two year program and it is important to work hard, be dedicated, and learn to manage time efficiently. Mr Motta, who teaches IB Environmental Systems, said that “you have to start working from day one”. These are the qualities that have helped your peers succeed.

El Americano

In our directors blog the profile of these high achieving students were featured. El Americano would like to congratulate the following outstanding results. The director recently gave an interview where he discussed the IB Program.

IB High Performers – Top 1 to 5 Percent Worldwide

Olivia Doyhambehere is one of a small number of students around the world to receive a perfect score of 45 on the IB!  She will study political science at the London School of Economics.  Her family is French/Argentinian and she studied at ASB since 7th grade.  She hopes to work in an international setting such as with a global enterprise.

Emilio Papastergiou received a 43 on the IB.  He will attend the University of Cambridge (Queens’ College) to study Economics.  His family is from Greece and he plans to be an investment banker.  Emilio attended ASB since 7th grade.

Pau Miquel scored a 42 on the IB and received an IB Bilingual Diploma.  He plans to attend Southampton University in England.  Pau´s parents are Catalan and he has been at ASB since 4th grade. He hopes to work in research and development in an automobile company.

Ignasi Cortés scored a 41 on the IB and received an IB Bilingual Diploma.  He will attend Imperial College of London.  His family is Spanish and he hopes to be an Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineer. He joined ASB in 11th grade.

Alexandar Schreij scored a 41 on the IB.  He will take a gap year and travel.   He hopes to study the following school year at Stockholm School of Economics or in the UK at Oxford, London School of Economics, or Warwick. He would like a career in business or corporate law. His family is Swedish and he joined ASB in 11th grade.

We also had six students who were American, British, and Spanish who scored in the 38-39 range.

Spanish Baccalaureate High Performers

Adrià Ribas scored a 12.7 on the Spanish Baccalaureate university entrance exams.  He was accepted into UIC and UAB for medicine. He will be attending the Unversitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB).  He is Spanish-Catalan and after earning his medical degree in Spain he would like to study his specialty in the U.S.  He started ASB in 9th grade after living in the United States.

Martin Lopez received a 12.6 on the Spanish Baccalaureate university entrance exams.  He was accepted at the Universitat de Barcelona, where he will study dentistry.  He is Spanish-Argentine and plans to get a Masters Degree in the United States.  He attended ASB since he was 3 years old.

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