What Do High School Students Really Think about Electives?

By Julian Carax

This year, the ninth graders are experiencing the new electives of High School in American  School of Barcelona. There’s art, music, movie making, MUN, choir. In art, you can be creative in drawing, painting, and you get assignments from the teacher. In music, you can choose an instrument or sing vocals and be independent in your own process of improving as a musician but also play with a band. The students in movie making are preparing to make a movie about food waste, and write essays about the topic. In MUN- Model United Nations, you research on topics that you are given, usually issues in the world.

After some short interviews with students from different electives, there are has been repeated suggestions and thoughts but also different opinions. Some like their elective because it’s interesting, fun, they have an interest in this subject. For example, students in the art elective, say that they have fun and it’s very relaxing (in a good way), informative. However, some ninth graders don’t like their elective and are disappointed because it’s not what they thought it would be and they wish to change- yet they can’t.

“I would add more electives and I would give the students a month for experiencing so if you don’t like it you can change” said a ninth grader. The idea of giving a shopping week/month is used up in many colleges, and universities such as Yale, Harvard. During this week, students are allowed to attend any class they want and then later on they can choose. So, should students be allowed to try out many electives and then choose one? It also has disadvantages; for example, it might be hard for teachers or there might be too many students in one class at a time. Should it be used in ASB as well? Should there be a new system for electives?

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