The Spice Girls Spice Up the Middle School Assembly

By Julian Carax

ASB’s very own Spice Girls spiced up the October Middle School assembly . Mr. Murray (Scary  Spice), Mr.Pray (Baby Spice), Mr.Dean (Ginger Spice), Ms.Laia (Sporty Spice), and Ms.Freer donned outfits and danced to Spice Girls hit Wannabe. During the first day of school Mr. Murray had said that he “is secretly in love with the Spice Girls” which his class remembered. Mr Murray is said to occasionally hum  “I’ll tell you what I want what I really want” which is part of the lyrics of the song. A middle student said that “that it was entertaining but that it was cut too short”. Another student said that “it was really funny even though he did not know anything about the spice girls” It was great to see the teachers partake in the assembly. Mr Dean mentioned that he has dressed up for assemblies on numerous occasions and that students really enjoy it. Prior to joining ASB’s Spice Girls, Mr Dean has dressed as a leprechaun and many other characters. Will the Spice Girls return? Which characters will the teachers next embody?

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