“Be Aggressive and Really Go For It” Students Reign Over Assemblies

By: Abby Greenwold, Shira Asher & Noa Cohen 

On Wednesday, October 7, 2015 the first Middle School assembly run by students took place in the cafeteria. Mr. Murray’s eighth grade class, 8A, had the responsibility of going first. This was a new idea introduced into the middle school with the arrival of Mr. Paul Dean, the new middle school principal.  
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The assembly started at 9:20 am when Mr.Murray explained to the rest of the middle school that his class had full control over the day’s assembly. After welcoming the student body to the assembly Mr.Murray’s class explained the events taking place in the month of October. They also addressed recycling and the October birthdays, this was followed by a student karaoke performance by Cosimo Hugas,  and a video about random acts of kindness. The teachers were then welcomed up to the front of the cafeteria to give out their banana award for students who had shown random acts of kindness throughout October.

Later,  Mr.Murray, Mr.Pray, Mr.Dean, Ms.Laia, and Ms.Freer performed Wannabe by the Spice Girls . The students then addressed the November calendar of events. Then there was a discussion of preservernace which is the value that Middle School will focus on next month. This discussion was followed by a video about the 8th graders overnight trip taken earlier in the year.  They promoted choir and held a cheer contest between the 8th grade classes (8A,8B, and 8C had to come up with a cheer for their class and perform it at the assembly). At 10:20 am the assembly had come to an end.

Mr Dean’s student led assemblies are based on his experiences in other schools. He said that his intention was to liven up the assemblies for the students and make it more enjoyable. By allowing the students to take control of the assembly they were able to express their creativity and make it interesting and fun for everyone watching. He added that he prefers not to have a say in the ideas coming from the different classes, “be aggressive and really go for it.” he said.“The only input I have is if I see something objectionable.”

Later, we talked to Mr. Murray. He agreed with Mr.Dean about the importance of the assembly being run by students because it made it more engaging and fun for students. Mr. Murray volunteered to have his class to go first, explaining that as 8th graders they could be a great opening. He said that the process of making and perfecting the assembly took 3-4 periods and that the real goal was to get every student to participate in either the creation of the powerpoint or presenting the powerpoint to the middle school. During the assembly, not all the students from 8A were “performing”, but Mr.Murray said that everyone participated in a way, meaning some students had to work on the powerpoint, some had to speak. Mr. Murray said that the assembly “went exceptionally well”.

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