These Are the Places We Remember


The School’s hallway was decorated to welcome alumni

The first official ASB alumni night took place in the cafeteria on Thursday, October 15, 2015 from 7:00 – 10:00 pm. The alumni were greeted at the front gate by student  volunteers to sign them in and get a name tag. Some of the attendants enthusiastically greeted the doorman, Manuel, who had for so many years welcomed them into the school. Then they headed into the cafeteria where they were offered appetizers, drinks, and the chance to take silly photos in front of a sparkly backdrop. As the hours went by more and more people showed up and reconnected with old friends and teachers. A professional tennis player and former student remarked that he “only had the fondest of memories” as about AS as he gazed onto the school. Throughout the night Mr. Mark made a speech about reconnecting with alumni and about how much the school has grown in the past years. There was a raffle and alumni were offered a tour of the new school. Many of the alumni were surprised by how much the school’s infrastructure has changed with the addition of a new Elementary school building and the renovated Middle School. By the end of the night seventy people had shown up to enjoy alumni night.  


Director Mark Pingitore delivers a speech at the alumni reunion. as the team that organised the event is thanked. (Marta Vernet, Ana Mercadal, Valetina Pollini,).


The entire event was organized by Ms. Marta Vernet, Ms. Ana Mercadal and Ms. Valentina Pollini. A lot of work went into the planning of alumni night. Ms. Ana said alumni night took “a little over a month” to plan and that “most of the work involved contacting the community.” According to Ms. Ana the purpose for holding an alumni night was “to reunite and strengthen ties between alumni, alumni parents, and the ASB current community. ASB believes in building lasting relationships with the wider ASB community and fostering a spirit of loyalty.” Ana, added that they were  “thrilled with the turnout of the event. We had participants from different graduating years, as well as parents and former teachers. It was like being in a family reunion. Friendly faces, sharing anecdotes…lot’s of laughing and good feelings.” Ms. Ana concluded that the school was “considering organizing our next reunion in spring/summer 2017. We are thinking on creating a more family friendly event when the weather is good.” Overall, alumni night was a success and an enjoyable evening for everyone involved. There are places we hope to remember, places like ASB where we have argued, joked, learnt, discussed, laughed, and lived. Though we know that it will continue to change , we at El Americano hope to return to these halls to reminisce about our time here.


Group Photo

Alumni and Staff



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