Good Guys Finish First


Banana Awards Displayed in the Middle School

By Julian Carax

Twenty-nine banana awards, which recognised random acts of kindness,  were given in the October Middle School Assembly. Like many past years, in 2015-2016 the Middle School teachers and students regularly meet at the Cafeteria to celebrate another passing month with a Middle School Assembly. Each month the midde school focuses on a virtue. Students who have exemplified this virtue are given an award. Paul Dean, the middle school principal, said, “The middle school staff identified some core values that we wanted all students to integrate into their daily life.  We sorted through many personality traits before settling on kindness, perseverance, openness/tolerance and integrity. Each month, we’ll be looking for examples of these traits within our academic areas and recognizing people within the ASB community who exemplify this trait”.

October was a Caring/Kindness month, the teachers recognised students who had been kind and awarded them a Banana Award. These were presented in front of the entire Middle School. As the awards were given, teachers explained why each recipient got an award. Some of the reasons for the award were for being extraordinarily nice, enthusiastic or for helping new students. A hello in the morning or sweet small talks.

A 7th grade student who did not get the award said, “I think it’s a great and an original idea. A random object name like a banana is pretty original.  I really liked the idea, I really hope I will be able to get one next time.

El Americano would like to congratulate the following students for their banana award: Alex Kartashov, Andy Popov, Alex Mihallov, Adriano Souras, Brayden Spencer, Carlota Cabrera,  Catalina Castaneda, Fauve Ovijaar, Joana Abad, Josep Long, Katalina Collisson,Kim Boisseau, Karoline Mckellar, Laurens Boeve, Masha Nikiforova, Michelle Brenner, Mia Haanraadts, Mario Depau,Natalia Sanhcez, Noa Hind, Philippe Chorent, Pablo Nougera Gomez, Sirine Salhi, Yu (two bananas). Two staff members were also given a banana award and El Americano would also like to thank Carolina Calderon, Judith Colina, and Manuel Perez for their kindness.


Banana Award Recipients

Thank you Middle Schoolers for being so  kind, keep it up!

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