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X-rays, Diseases & Plenty of Patients

By Bernat Rosell Another day at the clinic where we got to help patients communicate with doctors. I worked with General Medicine and X-rays. There were hundreds of people who needed care and we got to help many of them. Andrew, my roommate and I woke up at around 6:20 a.m. due to the fact […]

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A wonderful experience

By Elena Burgaz A lot to talk about but too tired to talk about everything. Today’s (August 5th) work was exhausting but very fulfilling. The day consisted of very warm and humid hours continuously standing up, but you realized it was worth it when you saw the patient’s enormous smiles or when they profusely thanked […]

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Rocks? 100 kilograms of rocks?

By Andrew Noh We travelled to Iquitos and we carried over 100 kg of rocks. What drove us to stuff our backs with gravel? Today, we woke up at 4:30 am for flight to Iquitos. In the morning we were surprised because we were asked if we could carry rocks. Taylor Dickey,  a second year […]

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Our Voyage to Peru

By Tomas Premoli I’m Tomas, and I was assigned to write this blog post about our journey to Lima after being invited to this incredible opportunity. I was one of the four people who started the trip in Barcelona, along with Bernat, Anna and Mrs. Marta. We all met in the airport at around 10 […]

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Bean Drive

From the Lantern: Bean DriveThe MS Student Council is once again pleased to coordinate the annual ASB Bean Drive! From Monday, November 16 until Wednesday, November 25, students can bring dry food (beans, rice, lentils, peas, pasta) for our annual collection. All goods will be collected and delivered to the Barcelona Food Bank (Banc dels […]

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Wait WHAT? Another Exam

By: Marina Stamos & Lucas Vicens After entering high school, the last step before reaching college, students start to face challenges, exams become abundant, and work overwhelms many pupils. Will exams ever be limited? Standardised examinations are often used to assess students, teachers, and schools. This was the point of no child left behind. However, […]